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I AM Yoga Nidra

I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Training at the Amrit Yoga Institute

August 31 - September 12

Stress has reached epidemic proportions and is built into all facets of our lives: love life, family life, work life and social life. Eighty percent of physical, mental and emotional health problems are now recognized as the cause of tension based disease and illnesses. The connection between stress and physical, mental and emotional related illnesses is well documented. Many traced to traumatic emotional wounds that we carry as painful memories of the past that are difficult to recognize and even harder to erase. They are fused into our biology and psychology.

Ordinarily we treat the symptoms or what we can see or feel, but the cause remains ignored and untreated. Conventional healing systems work on the symptoms. Yoga Nidra enables you to access and eliminate the hidden cause of stress. Meditation based Yoga Nidra provides you with powerful tools, techniques and insightful teachings to empower you to remove the conflict-creating, stress-producing painful past. This unconscious painful past is like the invisible submerged part of the iceberg which is more dangerous than what is visible. If we treat one symptom the other nine remain untreated but if you treat the cause all ten symptoms begin to progressively erode and disappear.

Yoga Nidra focuses on removing the cause and simultaneously works on the symptoms. Many of us struggle to change the old hard wired habits but we fail again and again because we can’t solve solve the problem with the same ego mind that created them.

Ancient yogis call this unique meditative state “yogic sleep.” Sleep is a survival-level, inborn gift where you return to Source to restore balance. But, no matter how much you sleep, you cannot become enlightened. In Yoga Nidra you access the same integrated state of Oneness as you do in deep sleep. But you do it consciously. You drop into a subconscious experience of Oneness below the ego mind. In Yoga Nidra you go beyond the ego mind to a superconscious level of Oneness where you consciously enter the zero stress yoga nidra zone. Sleep removes the tensions in the body and restores balance whereas yoga nidra removes the cause of the tension and stress. There are many physiological and bio chemical changes triggered by the stress response.

Yoga Nidra can reduce this response by:

Increasing serotonin levels Decreasing cortisone levels Decreasing cardiac output Improving sleep Stabilizing blood sugar levels Boosting immune system Increasing Alpha brain wave occurrence

Research shows that regular practice of relaxation and meditation has beneficial effects on a number of physiological, psychological and emotional health problems such as:

Insomnia Panic attacks Anxiety High blood pressure Arthritis Asthma Anger Diabetes

Irritable bowel syndrome Depression Migraine Fatigue Headaches Menopause General pain

Through the repeated practice of yoga nidra you progressively:

1. Awaken the sleeping genius, the healer within

2. Move towards the higher centers of divine grace from where the karmic seeds that cause anxiety, fears, frustrations, addictive habits and behaviors are resolved

3. Explore, expand and experience the divine potential that lies dormant within you

4. Master the key that unlocks the door to reshape your life and redesign your destiny

5. Open the door to the divine potential from where all your prayers and affirmations are actualized

6. Create a shift from living a life of stress to residing in a zero stress zone

7. Prana flows freely regenerating the body and restoring balance to the mind and emotions.

When you change the whole world changes with you.

As you remove stress-producing conflicts from within, you bring love peace and harmony into all experiences of your life. The inner harmony you cultivate becomes a part of you. The meditation based practice of I AM Yoga and Yoga Nidra gives you powerful tools, techniques and insightful teachings that release the self-healing power of Prana trapped in the stress-producing self-destructie habits and compulsive behavior patterns. They are built into your phantom ego self that has separated from the loving presence that I AM within. This is the unique part of yoga nidra that is often missed in the popular practice of yoga and nidra.

I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Training at the Amrit Yoga Institute

August 31 - September 12

I AM Yoga Nidra is designed as more than a relaxation. It is a meditation technique that not only relaxes the body, but creates a different relationship with stress producing thoughts and emotions. It is designed to guide the practitioner to recognize the silent place of being that always resides within us. The IAM method focuses primarily on quieting the mind and boosting the energy flow in the body (prana).

This released energy in the body increases the healing potential available during yoga nidra and typically takes practitioners into deeper states of meditation more quickly. That is why this style is often known as “the deep one.”

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