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I AM Yoga and Science

Everything you know about yourself, the world in which you live or the books you read comes through your mind. Yet you cannot know who you really are through the mind. The mind is only a part of you and a part cannot comprehend the whole. It cannot know the Self. The Self that is eternal, undivided and whole.

What you know has been learned from your parents, siblings, school, friends, society and culture in which you were raised. The mind operates from a very limited area of learned behavior, habits and manners. The mind can manage your social life, but it is not equipped to manage your internal life. Your internal life manifests through the wisdom of the body and intuition that is not learned from another or from outside resources.

Science can solve many problems that are created by the mind but cannot solve the mind that creates the problems. Science and medicine are designed to solve the symptoms that are caused by the mind. But medicine and the science cannot solve the causation of fear, anger, jealousy, blame, shame, guilt, self-rejection, depression, anxiety, etc. from the core. Medication treats the effect but cannot treat the cause that remains invisible and inaccessible to the mind.

Science deals with research by using the mental faculties of reason, logic, analysis, and synthesis. Scientists in order to do the research must remain completely objective. The left brain often engaged by rationalization and justifications in other areas of life must shift from subjective functioning to objective interaction with the research project. This means the scientific mind during the scientific research has to function in the field of polarity. Research stops the moment they expect the results to come from what or how they want it. They have to depend entirely on natural universal laws that regulate an outcome and not what they expect. Only then can they be a true scientist. Science explores the external world of objects to know the secrets of creation. Yogis, on the contrary, explore the secrets of creation through the body, the creation of the Creator with an inborn divine potential.

The practice of I AM Yoga is also a science. A science of yoga. You are learning to shift from the ego-mind in perpetual reaction to what is, to be in response to what is. For the yogi, what is present is the visible effect of the cause which has been working on an invisible energetic level. Yogis accept what is as is and when you accept the effect, the result is the unbending, universal natural laws of cause and effect. If you accept the effect, you don’t have to know the cause. Psychology tries to know and understand the cause, in order to be free from the effect. If I have fear or feel self-rejection, guilt, phobia, blame or shame, psychology will try to find out where did it begin, who caused it, what event planted the seeds for it to happen. In this search, we find external causes and events and relationships that caused the conflict stored in the memory body.

Knowing the cause of the trauma, pain or hurt that happened in the past appears to be real but it is only a trigger to ignite old memories that interpreted the event. This interpretation is individual and did not start with the family, person or event. If there are five siblings in the same family with same genes, raised by the same parents with the same disciplines and attitudes, each one experiences life differently from the others. Each sibling is interacting with their surrounding with its own personal karma carried over from past lifetimes.

Whatever you have learned about yourself, the other, or the world you have given voice to from all that you have experienced in the past. The way you process your experiences in the past give voice to the past. The voice, the tone, the texture, the temperature to what you sensed and felt was processed through the reactive perceiver that is scanning reality to get expected outcomes from who or what is present. Such reactive processing of reality from moment to moment is biased, distorted perception of reality.

The I AM, the soul within you is choiceless awareness. It acts as a subject that manifests as perpetual response to who or what is present. The witnessing seer in you actively manifests in your body through the male sympathetic nervous system. It is in co-creation with female parasympathetic nervous system. So too, the cosmic male and cosmic female are in co-creation in the cosmic body.

Yogis were the seekers of the truth that made them free from self-caused suffering. They had insatiable appetites for the knowledge of truth. This knowledge is revealed through the scriptures written more than 6000 years ago, The Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, etc. In Vedic scriptures, the disciple asks his teacher, “What is it, revered sir, by the knowing of which everything in the universe can be known?” “That which you are seeking to know is the knower that lives in you.” You are the knower and the known. The yogis say, Aham Brahmasmi (I am Braham) or I AM the god within. You are god, the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent presence within. This is why the sages of India declared the core truth “Pinde So Brahmande.” They revealed the secret that what is in the macrocosm is in the microcosm. What is in the cosmic body is in the individual body. Yogis discovered that the secret of life and creation does not begin with knowing the secrets of the universe. By exploring the secrets of the human body, the secrets of the universe can be revealed. The search for the secrets of the cosmic body of creation is linked to the human body and the being.

Yogis observed that by knowing the nature of clay you discover the nature of everything made of clay. Just as the electricity manifests in the form of a fan, heater, air conditioner, blender, electric bulb, radio, or television, these are the different manifestations for electricity. All the objects are a creation of energy and consciousness. This secret was discovered by yogis more than 6000 years ago. Science is just discovering after 6000 years, and saying the same thing. E = MC 2. This formula reveals that all objects in the different levels of density are the manifestation of frequency and intensity with which the molecules are vibrating. This means solid matter is just one energy that appears as multitudes of form. For the witnessing seer, everything it can perceive are objects. All that is experienced through the five senses including thoughts, emotions and matter are all the objects of differing densities and energetic frequencies. All objects subtle or gross, physical, mental or emotional, are the objects of perception. They are all varied manifestations of Prana. If you know the secrets of Prana, you know the fundamental cause of which everything that appears in many different forms externally, on the surface of the body of creation, in the form of symptoms.

This is why I AM Yoga is designed to give you penetrating insight to the teachings, powerful tools and techniques that allows you to disengage from reaction and create a paradigm shift from conflict creating duality of ego mind operating from an unconscious karmic past. Through the practice of I AM Yoga, this master key allows you to create a paradigm shift from the conflict creating, stress producing, duality of subject-object into co-creative responsive interactions no matter where you go, what you do or who you are with. When you are in co-creative interaction in the external world, you re-establish the natural balance of polarity, and your inner world operates through consciousness and energy in your body. Every reaction that creates conflict with who or what is present outside, creates conflict with the presence that you are within.

The breath and the subconscious nervous system that carries out all self-healing, self-balancing functions automatically, is not a machine or a robot. It is a life force as an extension of the soul. This breath and the subconscious autonomic nervous system are the spirit in the body. Genesis 2:7 “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” These spiritual teachings are not properly understood in the west. Every object, no matter how minute or how big, is a manifestation of different degrees of consciousness and energy. The tree of creation as well as the human body is an evolving manifestation of consciousness from mineral life, plant life, and animal life to human beings. The human body is the complete, natural creation between consciousness and energy.

In the human body the polarity of male and female shows up as the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. All of creation and the human body are part of the self-balancing, self-evolving polarity where everything that happens is in harmony with everything else. It is a holographic, universal manifestation where cause and effect are in balance. Where expansion and contraction, tension and relaxation, centripetal and centrifugal forces are equal and opposite.

All things that happen at any given moment are the effect of everything that was causing it to happen. This process of cause and effect is carried out by a universal intelligence behind natural laws. It is the same intelligence that works in the body in the form of subconscious polarity. In the body, this intelligence functions as equanimity carried out by universal, natural laws that are omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. We can say that God manifests as universal, natural laws. In the human or the cosmic body of creation, there is no imbalance, conflict, grief, pain or suffering. This is why the human and cosmic body are called the Garden of Eden.

God is saying to Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden fruit of good and evil from the tree of knowledge. Adam and Eve are not two historical characters. This is a story of the witnessing voice of the Soul or God within that is addressing the cosmic male, Adam not to choose the forbidden fruit. God is talking to the mind, not to choose. Once there is a choice there is separation of the cosmic male from the cosmic female. God says to the mind, do not choose. This mythical story explains not the birth of the man, but the birth of the mind of the man. It explains how the ego-mind that chooses one side of polarity creates its opposite which otherwise has no existence. When the human mind chooses, the choice creates separation from the polarity in which the Soul and the Spirit, consciousness and energy, male and female polarity manifest in the body.

Since the body is the direct creation and manifestation of the Creator, it is called the temple of God both in the Vedas and in the Bible. The Creator and its Creation, the cosmic male and cosmic female manifest into harmonious co-creation with both the cosmic body as well as human body. Yogis described the entire creation as a dance of consciousness and energy, male and female, Shiva and Shakti, Adam and Eve. In human beings, the mind, has emerged and evolved beyond the subconscious polarity of the body into self-conscious ego-mind.

The self-conscious ego- mind can operate only from what it has learned in the past. Its journey is carried out through choosing what it seeks in future. The choice of the forbidden fruit comes from the ego-mind that lives in the reactively processed memories of the past encounters with good and evil. The reactive perceiver is pre-programmed to react to who or what is present by choosing for or against. Choice is an individual creation that seeks an effect in the future and thus the freedom of mind and its ability to choose gives us the ability to explore a whole new dimension of time and life. Unlike the mind, the subconscious does not have this freedom of choice, therefore it cannot explore the human dimensions of time and space.

Science explores the secrets of the manifest material world through the faculties of mind such as, reason, logic, analysis and synthesis, memory, imagination, projections, deductive and inductive thinking. Thus the science is the creation through the mind. Science is trying to unveil the secret laws that act as a cause of the material plane. Science can discover the secrets of creation but has no access to its creator that lives within.

The creator that is recognized as God within is the creator of the physical body as well as all of creation. Human beings are born with a freedom to choose that allows them to be independent creators. The mind that manifests through the medium of time creates and shapes its own world by the thought forms that are converted into material manifestation and chemical changes in the body. Mind can create, attract and achieve who or what it likes by engaging the energy body that acts as a materializing medium.

It is choice that initiates reaction to who or what is present as an object and a desire to change it in the future. All reactive choices that have been repeated again and again, are hard wired. They appear mechanically, habitually, and compulsively. They are our attitudes, personality and behavior patterns through emotionally charged thoughts for or against who or what is present. The subconscious energy of polarity automatically follows the toxic thoughts and energy converts the same toxic thoughts and emotions into the toxic chemicals in the body.

The practice of I AM Yoga and Yoga Nidra is designed to free energetic blocks built into your biological and psychological imbalances, your fears and attachments that make up your psyche. These imbalances were created by a reactive perception of reality from the past. They create chronic mental and emotional conflicts internally and externally no matter where you go, what you do or who you are with.

Yogis were the seekers of the truth that made them free from self-caused suffering. They had insatiable appetites for the knowledge of truth. This knowledge is revealed through the scriptures written more than 6000 years ago, The Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, etc. In Vedic scriptures, the disciple asks his teacher, “What is it, sir, by the knowing of which everything in the universe can be known?” “That which you are seeking to know is the knower that lives in you.” You are the knower and the known. The yogis say, Aham Brahmasmi (I am Braham) or “I AM the god within.” You are god, the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent presence within.

Yogi’s saw that the breath and the subconscious autonomic nervous system that carries out the life giving functions through physiologic homeostasis in the human body and ecological processes in the cosmic body is through a precise intelligence, a life force, Prana. Yogis discovered that the life force Prana is the cosmic intelligence that animates the entire tree or body of creation as well as human body. This innate intelligence that carries out homeostatic functions in the body or ecological self-balancing processes in the entire body of creation is the same.

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