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The Balancing Point

Everything we say after the word “I” is a misperception of who I really am. When you say “I am sad” you have identified with what you say you are. What you say about yourself will manifest in your biology and chemical changes then happen in the body. The sadness you identified with begins to materialize and manifest into reality in your body. Any toxic thoughts and emotions you identify with manifest in your body as psychosomatic, energetic blocks.

What you say after the word “I” is an identification with the interpretation of who I AM and begins to create who I am not in my understanding of others and the world and gets built into the phantom body of ego self. What is stored in your body begins is manifest through your mind where the sadness (concept or emotion) that you feel about yourself appears to be true and real to your self-image. This happens because we do not have the understanding and knowledge of who I really am. Everything I know about myself, another or the world is reactively processed information and from past experience.

All such conceptual understanding is a miss-taken reality, meaning I missed the way I took reality as it is. These illusions about myself and the world are created through my reactive interactions with myself, others or the world. All interpretations are the conclusions I have made about what happened. Reactions are personal creations made of the impersonal realities that I faced in my love life, family life, work life, and social life that I have had in the past. Such memories of past experiences are karmic impressions created by me out from an impersonal awareness that I AM. Therefore, all such impressions that were processed by my reactive perceiver, the ego mind, are not who I really am. I Am the container, consciousness. Every reactively processed interaction that I have had with myself, another or the world has been stored as karmic contents that I am not. The container is the impersonal presence that I AM, contents are personal karmic creations, constructs of interpretations that I am not.

When someone or something pushes one of the memory buttons they trigger your past that has no relevance to who or what is triggering it in the present.

I tend to believe that my conflict creating, stress producing karmic creations are caused by who or what is present. But the one who triggers it is not the creator of the reactions. Your karmic creations live in you in the form of memory buttons. Let’s say there are two children of the same alcoholic parent, you may find that one never drinks, while the other might face the struggles of addiction. When the social worker interviews the two sons of the alcoholic parent and asks the first son “How come you do not drink?” He said “What do you expect from the son of an alcoholic parent?” When the second son is interviewed and asked “How come you drink so heavily?” He answered: “What do you expect from a child of an alcoholic parent?”

Those who trigger your reactions do not cause them. Your reactions already live in you in the form of attractions and repulsions, I like it and I don’t like it, addiction to pleasure and fear of pain, success and failure, happiness and unhappiness. These reactions are simply revealed when triggered by others, people, places and things.

The trigger is coming from the other or external conditions and situations you face. The reaction to the one who triggers it comes from you. Whenever you are reacting to yourself, other or the world, you are superimposing your reactive perception over the reality that is present. Who or what is present is just mirroring the reactive perceptions that you identify with. Every reaction that is triggered by your interaction with people, places and things is reflecting you. Whatever you say about others in your reaction is your creation, it has no reality. My reaction is my interpretation or judgement about who or what is present. Therefore, I am blind to see the reality that is present as it is without comments, judgements or labels. The reactive perceiver and reactive perceptions that I identify with as I am, live in separation from the presence that I AM within.

When a reaction is triggered by who or what is present I create separation from the presence that is I AM within. Often when you are about to face the situation where you are already cautious, afraid, indecisive or insecure, the situation that is not yet happening will begin to trigger your reactions in form of anticipation and worry prior to the arrival of the actual event. Therefore, whatever you think about it, your anticipation of pleasure and pain before its arrival will come from the distorted perceptions of reality built into your reactive body of the phantom ego self.

All monologues and reactive conversations to the situations and person you are going to meet, have no reality of what will really happen. For example, when you are preparing for a job interview or if your boss called a meeting and you are entering it with insecurities. They are coming from either fear or repulsions, or attachments or attractions that you have had in similar situations in the past. It is all created by how you reactively processed similar situations that you had encountered in the past.

If you are afraid of what you are about to face your mind will put together some events and situations that validate your fears so that you can truly believe that your fears are guiding you in the right direction. Whenever you experience fear or insecurity about who or what you are going to face, your entire mental and emotional monologue is generated out of your memories with no reality to who or what you face. But notice that you believe your fears are real and therefore you interpret them to be real and validate them with many other events where your fears were materialized into reality. In preparing to face what is scary and upsetting you, you are internally and energetically building those fears so when you interact with who or what is present you will recreate the fears that you believe to be true and real. Kinesiology has shown the power of thought: when a person is asked to think sad thoughts, their muscles become weaker, whereas when they are encouraged and admired, their muscle are strong. When anticipating and engaging in fearful thoughts, for example failing a test, it is likely to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, not because you don’t have the knowledge needed to pass the test, but because of your ego’s own creation.

After someone triggers you, you re-act, meaning you act based on your reactively constructed past. 90% of all self-destructive thinking is carried out by this reactive inner monologue. The actual trigger might only affect your action by 10%, but the 90% that you’ve reactively created by thinking about it was your creation. The self-created reaction layered on the actual trigger is more self-destructive then the 10% that triggered it.

The question is how to enter the balancing point between the outer triggers and the inner monologue that is created. What is triggered is a dialogue between you and the person or situation that triggers you. The key is to notice that who is vocalizing and visualizing the other as for or against me is you! You recognize that the reactive monologue is between you and yourself.

How to bring the balancing point between the outer object that triggers and the subject that is triggered:

I AM Yoga® allows you to move out of the illusive world of unconscious reactive interactions with reality and enter a co-creative, conscious interaction with reality, no matter who or what is present. I AM Yoga®’s insightful teachings provide you with tools and techniques to create a paradigm shift that reverses the conflict creating, stress producing interactions between you and yourself, or between you and who or what is present. This becomes the balancing point between you and yourself and between you and the other. It is the shift from body-mind conflict to body-mind harmony within as without.

The ego’s only purpose is to keep your self-image protected and safe.

You must understand that all external triggers are the creation and manifestation of your ego reliving the past. All reactions to who or what is present are designed to feed and protect the ego for its own sustenance and survival. Every time you react from your conditioned past you replace the presence with your reactive perceptions of yourself, other and the world. When you react, your ego that already lives in separation from the presence within, keeps creating separation from who or what is present in the outer world. Every reaction uses the energy that is the presence and feeds the ego that reacts to the presence within and who or what is present outside.

Most people do not realize that they are undivided omnipresent presence that has no inside or outside. But when you seek love from external resources or other people you are creating separation of inside and outside. That which is seeking love outside is the one who has already separated from the source of love within. Every time you expect love to come from the other, when you fail or feel frustrated, angry, blameful or shameful you are in reaction to your search for love. You are using the energy of presence that is in co-creation within and turn it into conflict creating interaction with the external relationship that fails to provide you the love or acceptance you expect from it.

Understanding the conniving, deceptive, illusive ways of the ego that triggers this self-destructive, compulsive habits, attitudes and behavioral patterns acts as a fire that burns the false notions that the ego creates. Understanding is called knowledge of the Self that you are, that destroys the darkness of who you are not.

When Christ said, “If you have ears hear, if you have eyes see”, he wasn’t talking to the deaf and blind, he was talking to the ego mind that has lost its ability to see what is present and hear what is as it is. The reactive perceiver has been living in reactive interaction with reality in the past. The reactive perceiver interacts with who or what is present with the attention that divides who or what is present as for me or against me. In reality, the presence that you are manifests as non-reactive choiceless awareness and sees what is present as it is, not as for or against me.

It is the reactive perceiver that you are not that sees for me or against me.

I AM Yoga® is called Meditation in Motion where witnessing the modifications of thoughts and emotions is the primary practice that disengages you from who you are not. Every time you disengage from who you are not an energetic block gets released. This trapped energy manifests as reactive perceptions that is released by non-reactive witnessing awareness. This is the marriage of the soul and the spirit, consciousness and energy, Shiva and Shakti.

Each time you convert the energy of conflict creating, psychosomatic energy blocks you increase your immunity, endurance, vitality and enthusiasm that was being caught in depression, anxiety, fear and self-destructive modes of reactive perceptions and interactions. The more that these karmic energy blocks built into your body and mind are released, the more you restore the subconscious, co-creative, self-healing, self-balancing, restorative, regenerative functions in your body.

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