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for healing and enlightenment

Energetic Transmission 

Reshape Your Life

Redesign Your Destiny

Gurudev Shri Amritji is a modern mystic, carrier of the ancient secrets of the  Shaktipat tradition. The yogis and sages of India have known the secrets of Shaktipat - Energetic Transmission, which initiates profound self-healing and transformative processes from within. This is the ancient technique from which Reiki, Tantra and Pranic Healing systems have evolved.
The presence of the energetic field of the Guru acts as a catalytic effect that spurs a metamorphosis and profound shift in your energetic field and consciousness.
Explore the Mystery and Miracle of Shaktipat - Energetic Transmission

Prana Awakening (Energetic Transmission) Program August 2019


Activate the Mysterious Self-Healing Power of Prana

  • Explore a unique opportunity for you to receive a rare gift of transmission, an ancient, energetic, vibrational frequency from a world-renowned master.

  • Experience the power of the energetic transmission (shaktipat) where self-destructive habits, emotions, fears and anxiety can be easily removed from the core.

  • Turn the self-destructive, compulsive habit patterns into self-discovery that activates the shift from within.

Awaken new possibilities in your life

"I have seen changes in all aspects of my, relationships, job attitude. I am very grateful and look forward to practicing because the changes just keep coming."

~AYI Student

shaktipat experiences

From: Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic by Darren Main

Published 2006

"...I noticed that he (Amritji) was not chanting with the rest of us. He was making some slight jerking motions that resembled hiccup. No sooner did I see this then people started to cry and shake. Some people were rocking violently as if in a rocking chair. Others were on the floor shaking, still others were crying quietly. I was in awe. I turned to look at Jackson in order to share this surreal moment with someone who was on the same page as myself only to find he was on the floor sobbing...

He recounted his experience in this way:

"I really thought the whole thing was weird at first. Then I could feel something stirring. Sorta like I was getting sexual aroused but it wasn't sexual. It was like my whole body was tingling. Then I felt this weird sensation in my spine. It felt like a whole bunch of those big red fire ants crawling up my spine.

At first I was sorta scared but then I relaxed, it felt a lot like sex... This bolt of energy that felt like electricity shot up my spine and my whole body fell to the floor. 

I was so jolted that I had to cry. It wasn't a bad thing and I wasn't sad. Actually, I was more ok than I had ever been. It was just awesome. I have never been one to get into God and all of that kinda stuff, but this made me feel so small and so large, larger than life all at the same time."

From: Homegrown Gurus Edited by Ann Gleig and Lola Williamson

Published 2013 State University of New York

"...Cope refers to one of these demonstrations as 'ecstatic dance.' He writes:

"As Amrit entered into the dance the entire room seemed to be pulled down by a deep undertow of absorption. We were lost with him in the dance of energy... I noticed a change in my perception, colors had become brighter, bolder. the blue and gold tiles were fairly pulsating with flashing hues. Light itself had become a palpable, golden presence. At moments the whole room dissolved into waves of light, particles of energy, and all the while I felt the whole room breathing together and somehow moving together, pulsing and expanding and contracting. At one point I had an experience of energy rushing up and down my spine as I'd had when he touched me, a tingling at the crown of my head, my whole body suffused with an intense heat."

Desai's "dance" and "state of absorption" pulled students into what Eisenstadt and Weber define as "contact charisma." Desai's energy and charisma were not only tangible, but also seemingly contagious. That is to say, students repeatedly report (even today) their own dramatic personal experiences of spiritual energy in his presence.

From: Kundalini Evolution and Enlightenment Edited by John White

Instant Cosmic Consciousness? by D.R. Butler

1973 ICSA Yoga Convocation attened by 200 people at Watson Homestead near Corning, New York

" Amritji led us deeper into meditation...the first thing I noticed was a wave of euphoria softly permeating my being. I felt intensly happy. I didn't know the reason for the wonderful feeling but I determined to relax and enjoy it.

suddenly, surges of energy-like electrical changes-streaked up my spine. These gradually evolved into a steady current of hot energy flowing from the tip of my spine to the top of my head. My impulse was to analyze intellectually what was happening but I quickly realized that the more I thought about it, the less I felt it. So I stopped thinking and concentrated on experiencing.

Brilliant colors swirled inside my head; I thought I would burst with happiness. Nothing ever had felt so good! Apparently everyone was experiencing some manifestation of the same energy I was feeling."

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