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The Mystery and Miracle of Shaktipat - Energetic Transmission

For eons, the yogis and sages of India have known the secrets of shaktipat - energetic transmission, which initiates profound self-healing and transformative processes from within. It is an integral part of Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Siddha Yoga. This is the ancient technique from which Reiki, Tantra and pranic healing systems have evolved.

Shaktipat has a catalytic effect and spurs a metamorphosis and profound shift in your energetic field and consciousness. It dismantles the separation between you and your Divine essence by giving you a profound glimpse of the spiritual potential that is already within you; it frees you from duality and propels you into Divine union. This level of transmission is rarely shared as it is the strongest form of awakening, and its specific intent is to empower and anchor individuals completely in their mastery.

At this crucial time, more people than ever before are ready to receive and share the unifying power of love, peace and harmony in the world and within. Their lives are dedicated to uplifting humanity and the flowering of divinity that dwells within all beings. Shaktipat is one of the most powerful and fastest ways of blossoming and stepping into your own divine essence. It is the doorway to living your best life possible and becoming the divine being that is already inborn within you.

Regardless of the path you’ve walked before, or which Master or Guru you have previously spent time with, shaktipat will awaken the Guru consciousness that is already inborn within you. You will gain new insights and a tremendous deepening in the unfolding of your spiritual journey through this life-changing experience. The intensity of the energy that flows through the Master is so palpable it fills the entire room. It creates an opening through which you can step into the source that is already always present within you.

The Master does not claim to be the source of energy; rather, he becomes the open channel for the cosmic energy to flow through him. It acts as a catalytic agent when you become receptive, empty and open you become the channel. It becomes the doorway for you to enter the same energetic experience that the Master has entered. This energy is contagious and anyone who is open to it becomes the recipient of the shaktipat. As the pranic Spirit flows through you, you will be connected to who you really are at the core of the loving presence that you are.

What You Will Gain From Shaktipat

You will be guided and taught the “I AM” techniques of Quantum Breath, Yoga Nidra and Yoga to help you enter the innermost core of the “integrative yoga zone” – that non-mental zone of Being where you can’t help but receive Divine grace in the shakti of the Masters’ presence. I AM Yoga is an applied technique for you to directly reconnect to this miraculous and transformative power of frequency art and secret of connecting to the power directly through the practice of i am yoga yoga nidra and yoga therapy.

Your body and your Being will be flooded with the self-healing, purifying and transformative power of pranic energy, as the shakti dismantles the conflict-creating, stress-producing separation between you and your higher-self. This opens the door to explore, expand and experience the power of the Divine potential hidden within you.

The deeper you enter this unifying state of Presence, the closer you get to the source of Oneness, the “I AM” within. Shakti, which is inherent in the Divine Presence that you are, floods your entire body and permeates the energy field that surrounds you. Where the Presence goes, Shakti follows. Those who have received energetic transmission from Gurudev, report a range of ecstatic spiritual experiences, entering the deepest integrated level of Presence.

Shaktipat is not a one-way process. It depends on the synergy between giver and receiver. Once the seed of Shakti is planted, it needs to be nurtured through dedicated practice and commitment, with a devotional heart for perpetual growth and spiritual unfoldment. The practices you will learn, will allow you to sustain and deepen the energetic impact of the shaktipat you receive. In this way, you will embody the power of Presence and become an emissary of love and light to the world.

Prana Awakening at the Amrit Yoga Institute

August 22-26, 2018

Renew and reinforce your commitment to deepen your spiritual growth and development.

Awakening prana dismantles the body of the self-image that blocks you from the Self that you are. As you transform your relationship with your higher self it is reflected in all relationships with which you are engaged in the external world.

Prana Awakening is geared towards the awakening of prana to those who are ready and open through energetic transmission from the Master to the recipient. The Master stands on the threshold of the known and the unknown, between darkness and light. His presence is the gateway to consciousness.

This program provides the opportunity to awaken trust in your own inner guru through your connection with an external Master and will provide a profound shift bringing you closer to the Lineage and the light of consciousness within you.

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