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You are the Choiceless, Non-Reactive, Witnessing Subject

The more you withdraw from mental and emotional agitations, the more relaxed and integrated you become. The more you witness the modifications of mind, the calmer becomes your mind. As you withdraw from reactive thoughts, you replace any subconscious conflict in co-creative interaction between the male sympathetic and female parasympathetic nervous system.

As your self-conscious ego-mind steps away from dominating the sympathetic nervous system, the subconscious channels of co-creative polarity are opened. Meditation based Yoga Nidra techniques open the subconscious to function in harmony with superconscious. This takes survival level functions of the subconscious to the evolutionary level. This is prana awakening. As you learn the art of conscious surrendering of ego-mind, your subconscious automatically carries out self-healing, self-balancing, restorative, regenerative functions optimally. These actions are called pranakriyas.

On the subconscious level, your body represents the co-creative dance of cosmic soul, I AM (Parmatman) and the cosmic mother, prana Shakti. The cosmic Soul is inborn within each one of us as the individual Soul (Atman). I AM remains as unmanifest Divine potential in human beings. It manifests through polarity of the male and female autonomic nervous system. In humans, the interplay of male consciousness and female energy acts as subconscious polarity.

In the human body, the male sympathetic consciousness is being replaced by the male ego-mind and the parasympathetic female prana is serving two masters. Humans are born identified with their ego-mind. As a result, in the human body, the co-creative polarity of the cosmic male I AM functioning in harmony with the cosmic female prana Shakti, is replaced by ego-mind. It is carrying out self-healing, self-balancing functions in the body and also manifesting all the desires, attractions and repulsions, fears and attachments that happen on the mental and emotional levels.

Sympathetic consciousness acts as a subject. The creator uses the parasympathetic pranic, formless life force as an object, a

s the medium of materializing into the multitudes of forms. When we identify with the reactive perceiver, ego-mind, as me, as for or against the object, it loses the ability to see the reality of consciousness and energy behind the world of objects. You are the choiceless, non-reactive, witnessing subject that functions as the male sympathetic nervous system, using the female parasympathetic prana to manifest into multitudes of form.

Through the practice of witnessing Presence of IAM Yoga Nidra, you withdraw from the mind and the world of objects it is attracted to or fearful of. When the reactive perceiver of the world of objects is replaced by witnessing Presence, you see beyond the world of objects as the conscious subject which functions in harmony with energy behind the appearance of objects you are for or against.

The object outside triggers the memory already present. Before anything is manifest, it must first exist in the mind. Before any opinion or judgement about the other or the world, the judgement and opinions must be already in the mind. They resurfaces as reaction by association with who or what is present as an object.

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